Social Media Publishing and Rewards

Our Product

We built our software with your Twitter social media Community in mind. The ability to connect with your audience, respond to and reward them for their interactions has never been easier and more personable.

More than a social publishing tool.

Whether your marketing team is in the entertainment, tech.,  E-commerce, retail, or another industry our software allows you to communicate with your followers across social channels and rewards them for carrying your message to their social community.

Lead gen for social media! We weren't really active on Twitter before Alytag. Using Alytag has increased social engagement and we have created legitimate leads and conversions.

Industry E-Commerce

How Alytag works.

Our product's core capabilities automate social media campaigns and reward users for their engagements.

Create Hashtag Campaigns

We make it easy for you to set up campaigns and run them straight from a campaign dashboard. Here are some steps you would take when setting up a social media hashtag campaign.

  • Connect your account
  • Set the start time and end time of your campaign
  • Create a unique hashtag
  • Create an asset that the follower will get when they follow you and use your unique hashtag
  • Schedule your post messages and times they will be pushed out
  • Create a direct message that followers will get when using the unique hashtag

Add “Leads” to “Lists”

Our product is built to reward the user and inform the marketing team who is interacting with the campaign by adding “leads” to “lists.”

  • Set up a “List” within your campaign
  • When followers interact with the unique hashtag they will automatically be added as a “Lead” within the list
  • View data shared from their account
  • Push contact data into your CRM (Future Feature)
  • Market to them on a personal level through Direct Message Campaigns

Direct Message Campaigns

Once you have run your first campaign and have collected leads into your lists you will be able to target specific lists with specific offerings in the form of an automated direct message.

  • Select a  “List” to run a Direct Message Campaign
  • Create a personalized offering and message for the leads in the list
  • Schedule a date and time when the DM will be pushed out
  • Track clicks through our shortened URL tool

Track ROI Through Engagement

C’mon we wouldn’t build a tool with the above feature only to leave you hanging. We have built-in metrics so you can track campaign metrics.

  • Track when posts get delivered to your followers
  • See when your followers use your hashtag
  • Track click-throughs to your URL, PDF, video, coupon, etc.
  • Tracking through our URL shortener

Request a demo. See how Alytag turns followers into loyal fanatics.