Run hashtag campaigns that give back


Hashtags have proven to increase impressions across all social channels. Some social channels like Twitter have shown a 40% increase in impressions when using hashtags. Below we break down how to run hashtag campaigns that give back and reward your social community.

It’s true, across all social media channels, hashtags improve social metrics on all levels.


When hashtags are used – impressions increase, and we all know that when impressions increase, engagement and conversions do too. Turning fair-weather followers into loyal fanatics require you to surprise and delight followers during meaningful social campaigns.

So, what is a hashtag campaign?

A hashtag campaign is when a specific #hashtag is used in a marketing initiative to create impressions and engagement towards a specific product or idea.

Tip: To gain traction, hashtag campaigns work best when they run for multiple weeks and are centered on or support a specific cause.


Girl with looking down at phone with iced coffeeWho should run a hashtag campaign?

Brands, companies, and people looking to improve impressions, engagement, and conversions can all run hashtag campaigns.



Tip: Do research on the hashtag you are going to use and choose one that is relevant to the marketing campaign you are running.


What is a branded hashtag?

Branded hashtags are hashtags that are unique to a brand and usually include the company name. An example of a branded hashtag that we use is #AlytagCommunity.

Tip: Include your company name in your hashtag and support it with 1-4 more relevant ones.


When should you run a hashtag campaign?

Hashtag campaigns are best to run when they support a bigger marketing initiative. This could be when a new product is about to drop, a new movie or t.v. series is about to be released, leading up to or during an event, to offer discounts, to do giveaways or contests, to support a cause, during a sporting event, and etc.

Tip: Be thoughtful when posting to your social channels and don’t overwhelm your followers with pushy content.

A social post without a hashtag is like fly fishing without a fly.

What is the value of running hashtag campaigns?

Using hashtags in marketing campaigns increase impressions across all social media channels. The value of using unique and branded hashtags are many. Hashtags provide followers and potential followers the opportunity to search for and find specific content related to the topic being searched for.

Additionally, hashtags are used when companies want to create and monitor visibility for their brand and/or products.

Tip: If using a social media publishing tool it’s best to follow up on auto-published posts to ensure that you maintain part of the conversation. Followers want to be a part of your community.


How to run a successful hashtag campaign.

Running a successful campaign requires research, planning, content creation, and a willingness to communicate with your social community during the campaign.

  • Research: Identify which hashtags will support your main hashtag, which accounts you can mention during your campaign, and what your competition is doing.
  • Planning: Plan out your content distribution. Determine where and when the best times to post are and how you will distribute your content.
  • Content Creation: Posts containing video or photo have a higher engagement rate than posts without. Create content that supports your campaign and is relevant.
  • Communication: Don’t just post your content and leave it out there for your followers. Get engaged and use the campaign to dive in and communicate with your social community.

Tip: Hashtag campaigns should run no shorter than two weeks, be created around a common topic, and its content should have a relevant and consistent voice, look, and feel.


Two girls on rooftop taking selfieRewarding your social community through the Alytag hashtag campaign manager.

Most social media publishing platforms do exactly that, publish content across social channels but that’s all. We’ve created a publishing software that thinks past just publishing hashtag campaigns and social media. Through the hashtag campaign manager companies come to Alytag to publish, communicate (auto-respond), capture leads, and reward your followers with specific content.

When brands run hashtag campaigns with us they are given tools to auto-respond anytime the hashtag campaign is reposted. Launch events, sponsorships, giveaways, contests, or even on-screen hashtags and reward followers with discounts, coupons, PDFs, videos, or other special offers anytime a follower reposts your content.

The value lies in the follower being the megaphone of the company and the company rewarding the follower for their engagement. On top of that and during the hashtag campaign, track new followers, conversions, click-through-rate, and create lists where leads will be generated for future direct message campaigns.

We have thought through what it means to reward social communities and empower companies to turn followers into loyal fanatics. We got you on this.


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