Hashtag Campaigns for Twitter


Your social community works hard for your attention. Show them some love when they engage with your posts. Who doesn’t want some love from their favorite brand?

Alytag for Twitter.

Alytag automates personalized social media direct messages based off of hashtags you choose to post on Twitter. When a user follows you and posts your hashtag through a tweet or retweet, Alytag’s Hashtag Campaign Manager gives you the tools to send a personalized response and capture their data as a lead for future direct message marketing campaigns.

Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

Your followers are interacting with your tweets it’s time to give them something in return.
Key Features

Hashtag Campaign Manager

Direct Message Campaign Manager

Schedule Tweets

Lead Capture

Build Campaign Lists

Create Asset Rewards

Alylink (URL) Tracking


Key Benefits

Automate Your Posts

Reward Your Community

Track Interactions

Automate Your Personalized Responses

Remarket with Direct Message Campaigns

Capture Leads

Drive Social Traffic to Your Website

Create unique hashtag campaigns that are tied to an asset (coupon code, URL, PDF, jpeg, video, etc.), kickoff your campaign with your unique hashtag and deliver the asset once your community uses it in their post.


Once your followers have retweeted or tweeted your hashtag they are added to a list. Gather data insights from your social communities and use lists to create future direct message campaigns.

Being able to capture leads through hashtag interaction is genius.

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