This is Who We Are


At our core we are geeks for building solutions that help businesses grow.

A smarter approach to communicating with your social communities.

When we thought about the way “influencers” are paid to push out or rep a company’s product we said, “how can we spread a company’s post faster and reward EVERY follower?” So we created Alytag, now¬†companies can communicate with and reward their followers when they chose to engage. Long gone are the days of vomiting out coupon codes, contests, and other content, let your followers request them by using your unique Twitter hashtag in their social post.

At our core.


The number of marketing tools available is many. We believe that the future of marketing requires a more simplistic approach that integrates with your tech stack and requires little lift on your end.



We believe that marketing tools should provide value to you as a marketer AND to your audience. We view value as a double-edged sword and build solutions for marketing professionals and their audiences.

We would love to hear from you.

Whether you are looking to use Alytag as a solution and have some additional questions or you would like a demo of our product, reach out, we’re here for you.