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Run smarter and more engaging hashtag campaigns with Alytag. See how by Following us and then tweeting – “Alytag is disrupting social media. #RewardyourSocialCommunity” – and get a complimentary 30-day Trial!

Hashtag campaigns that reward.

We feel ya, getting your social community to engage can be a challenge. One of the best ways to raise engagement is to incentivize your social community with contest giveaways, gated social content, and other social rewards. We got your back cause that’s what our software was built for, giving back to your social community.

Using Alytag we have increased our audience by 45% and have streamlined our social communication while rewarding our followers with iTOVi discounts, webinar recordings, and special pricing for influencers.

Cy Tidwell CMO, iTOVi

What you can do with Alytag.

Create Social Media Content

Create Unique Campaigns

Create your unique hashtag, kick off message, a response message, attach an asset (coupon, URL, PDF, image, video), and set a date to run and end your campaign.

Automate Social Media Delivery

Publish Social Content

Automate your content delivery through your unique hashtag. When one of your followers reuses your hashtag during your campaign they will receive your asset.

Increase Social Media ROI

Track Social Engagement

See who is engaging with your campaign, view conversions, and track how many followers click, view, or visit your asset. Add followers to "lists" for future DM campaigns.

Riddle us this.

It’s trivia time! We’ve put together an automated 2 question quiz. We want to see if you know a little bit about PIE and Kittens. First, follow us at @alytagsocial on twitter and then tweet this: “Get your trivia game on by following @AlytagSocial and retweeting this – #GoAlytag” – Good luck!

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